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Écrit par MaRa   

Hello! If you arrived on this page because we know each other, I salute you. How are you? And how are your beloved ones? Peace be with You...

Orgonite  If you bumped into this website because of the word "Orgonite", you probably already know about it, but may be not Orgonite-info ? It tells you in simple terms what you need to know about Orgonite. See also the main Orgonite forum Warrior Matrix, and Love for Gifting. Three precious ones for your information and to forward to relatives and friends.

Medicine  If you came here because of the word "medicine", I'm suggesting you go to Educate-Yourself.org  and read its links on health issues - and most of the others links. (2006, April, 18th)  Received this link to-day. Just read and watch the video on this website: Alliance for Health. It says all you need to know.

Dark 911  And while I'm here (and just in case you should not be aware of it yet) here is a link to an important wbesite Loose Change 911 . On the following link, you can watch the oustanding film demonstrating the huge fairy tale which has been told to the whole planet about Dark 911. Loose Change 1st Edition (other editions following on the same page). In this impeccable inquiry, the autors start from the official versions, using mainly what has been said and showned that very day by firemen, press, witnesses,  tv, congressmen and so on - before asking the right questions. The more numerous we are to know the truth, the more the Peoples of the Earth will be able to free themselves.

Woman  If you have been attracted by the word "woman" : there is nothing specific about it in this short English page - as I made it only to provide you the links above.

Have a good day or night, or both,
and be well, You are Yours,



Love is the most powerful force of all universes...

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